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About Heal The Land


“Heal the Land Ministries” is an endeavor born out of a very personal encounter with God in northern Argentina in August of 1990. I was camping with an Argentine ministry team in a very remote area where lots of massacres of indigenous people occurred called “El Impenetrable” (The Impenetrable Region) of the Gran Chaco. The once rich hunting area for the native people had become a dead, thorn-infested land with a nearly unusable arsenic-laced water supply, and salty dead soils. 

I remember thinking “this is truly a cursed land”. Then I recalled the passage 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My People, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and repent from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and HEAL THEIR LAND.” and this is where the vision was implanted in my heart to partner with local indigenous and First Nations people to being restored to their land. 

God established a promise with a simple strategy: to literally heal the land. Heal the Land was born in my heart and then later embraced by my wife Dana and followed by my son Jeremy and his wife Lorena who now live in the Chaco region of Northern Argentina with their sons Max and Isaac.

Heal the Land teaches and instills how to pragmatically understand the spiritual realm, engage it on behalf of Jesus’ Kingdom to reverse curses, and release blessing from Heaven in their place. The intention is to bring the reconciling of both the land and its people to God’s intentions and design for them.

We teach, strategize, dialogue with, and activate God’s sons and daughters to lay aside fear and bring Heaven in power to their everyday world and environment.

Please consider partnering with us and giving towards this mission. You can go to our main page and push the "Donate" button to give. Thank you! You have our hearts and our gratitude. 

- Tom Fitzgerald (Co-Founder of Heal The Land Ministries)

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